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About Me

My background


I moved from New York to Chapel Hill several years ago.  I am a member of the Chatham Artist's Guild and currently serving on the Board of Directors.  I am also a member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators and their North Carolina regional chapter.

To create rich vibrant colors I first painted with many layers of watercolor and experimented with various watercolor papers. Because I also wanted the ability to create detailed drawings, such as those revealing the intricate pattern of a bee’s wing or the individual hairs on a rabbit, I tried using Aquabord and discovered that Aquabord provides the perfect foundation for my work. It can be used with multiple layers of color and water without the worry of the paper buckling or curling, and it also provides a smooth surface for detailed work. I like to paint realistic pictures of animals, birds, insects, etc. and then put them in a completely different environment or situation – like a turtle with a ladder, a rhino on a disco floor, or a bluebird on a piano keyboard.

All of my paintings are done without preliminary drawings. I start with a “critter” in mind and then let my imagination run. This has led to my signature backgrounds and then to the name for my work, “Critters & Colors”.  


My vision


Creating individual designs for those people who don't want the ordinary. Taking nature in its purest form and reproducing it on paper, fabric and fine art.   Seeing my artwork on walls, wallpaper and textiles.


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Cat Mahin

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Critters & Colors

89 Serenity Hill Circle, Chapel Hill, NC 27516, USA

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